Chronomite SR-20L HTR 240-Volt Low Flow Tankless Water Heater

How many times you felt frustrated because someone was in the washroom and suddenly your sink’s water dropped 30 degree temperature? It happens right? Especially with one water heater backing whole house, despite high GPM and all the promise sometimes such occurrence of fluctuating temperature is not so uncommon. This is why Chronomite SR-20L HTR 240-Volt Low Flow Tankless Water Heater and such dedicated type of heaters came into market. Chronomite SR-20L/240 is designed for under sink hard-wiring so you can use it for a single application.

Chronomite SR-20L HTR 240-Volt Low Flow Tankless Water Heater

Durable and Self maintenance

Chronomite heaters are very easy to maintain. Manufacture gave the feature of flow of water through abrasive actions. This feature creates a self cleaning process, which helps to eliminate alkali and calfication building up. This will guarantee durability in long-term by reducing risk f corrosion and flooding. However when left unused or in extreme condition you need to clean the valve from stored water.

Compact size and light weigh

With 9.6 x 2.8 x 6.2 inches dimensions and 4.4 pounds weight this unit is very small, smaller than a laptop. So it is very convenient to keep it under the sink and use it without any splashing water.

High power

With 240 volts and 4800 watts consumption Chronomite SR-20L/240 HTR is a high power water heater. You can use it in really cold places without having to worry about the temperature. You will get hot water not warm for unlimited time.

Immediate hot water

This manufacturer was the first to patent a microprocessor technology which allows for a pre-set or controlled output temperature. This technology delivers unlimited hot water in 2 seconds without risk of scalding. Previously tank less heaters gave hot water in 6 second. So when you are seeking for the comfort of hot water in a freezing weather you need not to wait for 6-10 seconds it will be there in no time.

Most efficient

Chronomite SR series are 99% efficient. That means with each unit of input it produces 0. 99 outputs. Well if everything was this efficient productivity of USA would have gone far beyond our imagination.

ADA certified

You may have come to see this term in many occasions without really understanding what it signifies? Well ADA certification is States or Provinces Adopting Anti-Scald Plumbing Codes. When a water heater complies with this code for that state or country it is said ADA certified. Chronomite SR-20L HTR 240-Volt Low Flow Tankless Water Heater does have this certification which guarantees you are protected from scalding.

Less wastage

With micro processor system installed and point of use feature it gives instant hot water. It by passes the wait at the beginning and thus avoids you to waste 7 seconds of cold water that is usually wasted in normal tank less water heaters.


  • Low cost easy installation
  • 99% efficiency
  • Optional stainless steel casing
  • Good for commercial and residential purpose
  • Less maintenance

Cons with solution

No Modulator available:

This unit has only on off switch no regulator to set the temperature as high or low.


This unit has this big issue of no modulator, only on off option. You can buy a regulator extra for controlling. Otherwise you can use cold water faucet to work as a mixer; for example if you are using only the hot water tap and supply water temp is 55 degrees, Your heater water if has 70 degrees than the resulting temperature will be 125 degrees. Again in winter time when supply water temperature drops to 30 degrees, the resulting temperature will get 100 degrees.

Need pro help for installation

The unit need 240 volt and to add 240 volt to the unit normal DYI skill may not be adequate, you might need an Electrician.


More electricity means warmer water. So as you signed up for hot water you need to give out this responsibility to an electrician or you can do it yourself if you have prior experience. Plumbing on the other hand could be done by anyone. Bottom line is-It is a very easy installation processes no need of a pro unless you have some DYI skill.

Frequently Ask Questions (Q&A)

  • Q-My home is at Maryland will this be enough at winter?
  • Ans-It depends on how many faucet you are trying to associate it with. If it is one faucet than at 0.4 GPM flow it gives rise to 82 ° F.Again in 0.75 GPM it gives rise to 44 ° F .
  • Q-I have a home with three pet which go under sinks quite often, is it hard enough to resist that torture?
  • Ans-Good news is Chronomite SR-20L/240 HTR has an optional stainless steel casing. It is designed to protect burner from extreme weather conditions. That is all I can say for now, how extreme your pets can get is perhaps a matter for you to judge on.
  • Q-My sink is far from where I have to install a water heater. Will it still work or the water be only warm?
  • Ans-This one is a point of use system that guarantees your water be really hot, as it is dedicated for one application. Unless the pipes are planted outside home with a chance of getting frozen; it will give you desired hot water.


Chronomite SR-20L HTR 240-Volt Low Flow Tankless Water Heater is ideal for Lavatories, sinks, dishwasher, service basins, and other special applications. If you have a kitchen or a Basin need with hot water 24/7 than this is your thing. It gives instant hot water for indefinite period of time. In small apartment it may serve the purpose of a whole house heater but I do not recommend it for showers because of the low GPM and shower heads generally the highest GPM (1.5-2.5 GPM). SO if you are a firm believer in energy conserving theory and want to investing a system that guarantees hot water at first touch than this one is your catch. However .5 GPM makes it a dedicated water heater for a single application.

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