Ecosmart ECO 24 KW 240-Volt Electric Tankless Water Heater

Ecosmart ECO 24 KW 240-Volt Electric Tankless Water Heater is a semi large range water heater from Ecosmart group. Like other water heaters of this group it has a self modulating technology. So you can save half of your energy cost if you choose this product. The beauty of Ecosmart group is they make mostly electric tankless water heaters and all of them are very energy saving. They have labeled all the products with number. When you have a high need as per GPM, you can go for a higher numbered Ecosmart product. For example at inlet temperature of 77 degree Ecosmart ECO 24 has 5.85 GPM, Eco 27 has 6.59 GPM, Eco 18 on the other hand has 4.39 GPM. So as per your need you can choose the tankless unit. Two or three other things will change as you choose more GPM, they are-Maximum power of amp to support the unit, size of the unit and the price of the unit.

Ecosmart ECO 24 KW 240-Volt Electric Tankless Water Heater

Features of Ecosmart ECO 24 KW Electric Tankless Water Heater

Suitable for medium-large home

American homes though are big in size rarely have more than 2-3 bathrooms. If you are living in a home with 2 bathrooms this one is great. Even at a freezing cold weather of 37-47 degree F it can supply 2.41-2.83 GPM; meaning a shower of 1.5-2 GPM and a standard hand sink with 0.5 GPM. At 52 degree F it can support 2 shower head or one shower head and a sink, a washing machine by supplying 3.09 GPM. Things will only get better from 52 onward; like in 57 degree 3.42 GPM will support two showers and a basin. At 62 degree F, 3.81 GPM meaning two shower head a basin and a dishwasher. At 67 degree F two showers, three other water fixture faucet or washing machine. At 72-77 degree F, Ecosmart ECO 24 can simultaneously support three bathroom houses, with 4.97 -5.85 GPM (three showers and 2-3 basin).

This calculation was based upon the trend that Standard shower has 2 GPM, water saver shower head has 1.5 GPM , standard hand sink has 0.5 GPM and kitchen sinks have 1-2 GPM.

Saves electricity

It saves 50% of your electric cost as per manufacturer claims. Traditional water heaters eat up some electricity even when you are not using it. Self modulating technology of Ecosmart does not allow such wastage. Ecosmart ECO 24, 24 KW at 240-Volt Electric Tankless Water Heaters senses flow of water and based on it, powers the engine to ignite and make the water hot as per user’s required rate. So no electric consumption while idle let you save the bill and power.

Digital control

It has a beautifully designed digital temperature control system. It let you control the heat. This technology uses a flow control valve and a thermostat to manage the heat even when flow of water is varying time to time.

Like other Ecosmart water heaters it has digital scale .The digital scale offers 80°F - 140°F heat with a convenient option to increase the heat in increment of 1 degree. So throughout the whole bath now you can set a temperature and need not to go through the mixing hassles for varying water flows.

Easy installation

Ecosmart ECO 24 has an automatically resettable thermostat as opposed to a manually resettable thermostat. Also integration of all components is done in such a way that quick connections are available, making it simpler and easier for the installer.

Life time warrantee

I like this option of Ecosmart group a lot, they offer life time warranty on electronics, exchanger and element. Labor or any incidental damages and mailing cost is user’s, warranty includes a strict clause of licensed electrician and plumber to have to do the installation.

Special Features

  • Tankless Electric Buying Guide giving elaborate instruction on the specifications
  • 99.8-% energy efficient
  • A compact size of 17 x 17 x 3.5 inches
  • Light weighted (13.75 lbs), stylish
  • Energystar certification
  • No venting required

Cons with solution

High Cost of installation
The life time warranty asks for a professional plumber and electrician to do the installation which actually costs more than the heater.
If you have DYI skill you can look inside the unit and find it is very simple and you have all online guide to install it but if you are not interested to give up the warranty. You have to spend on the professional installation.

Fluctuation of electricity
Some minor fluctuation of electricity can occur when it is started; trace is shown in bathroom bulbs.
If you have followed NMA standard and 3 double pole 40 amp breaker theory, than Eco smart technical group says-Such problems are sign of faulty wiring only.

Fluctuating temperature
Some complaints against it to be too hot at beginning and temperature to vary sometimes have been made.
Automatically re-settable thermostat option of Ecosmart 24 is designed to protect you against such fluctuation. Still if it occurs you may need to look into - faucet valve stuffiness and internal water carrying water pipe dimensions.


Q- My home has a 240 volt connection how many breaker and amp I need to install Ecosmart 24.
Ans-With 240 volt you can choose Ecosmart. It will need Three 40 Amp Double Poles

Q-Is it America made?
Ans-Company is American but it is China made.

Q-What does energy star certification signifies.
Ans-You can visit the website of energy star certification to know exactly what it signifies. It is a symbol of efficiency in terms of power consumption and delivering very hot water.


Ecosmart ECO 24, 24 KW at 240-Volt Electric Tankless Water Heaters a safe choice for any home whether in north or in south. 99.8% energy efficiency makes it very lucrative for energy savers like me. Small size, good design, no venting makes it a convenient and beautiful option. Only drawback is the cost of installation which you can by pass by risking the chance to void the warranty. In case you are using professional installation be sure to keep their track records secured as the warranty instructions asks for.

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