EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater Reviews

After reviewing EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater, I am satisfied as it passes in full marks in all these categories. Did you know the company gives you a life time warranty for residential usage, when installed by licensed plumber and electrician? Apart from being 4 times smaller than traditional water tanks, this version of ecosmart group saves electric consumption 50 times more than usual water heaters. It has 4.3 ranks out of 5 in Amazon based on 1,809 reviews, signaling quite a good customer satisfaction.

When I think of buying a product like water heater I aim for 3 things-

-Cost saving

- Warranty


EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater

50% Heating Cost saving

A Self modulating flow sensor technology of the heater let this version saves electric consumption 50 times more than normal water heaters. This sensor technology heats the water only when it senses a flow. A tank full water heater will not stop even when you are in vacation in compare to that EcoSmart ECO 27 is really intelligent and cost effective.

Space saving and Invisible

Unlike traditional water heaters it is only 17" x 17" x 3.75" that means a size of a laptop. So if you do not want to show it off you can place it inside the wall mounted cabinet under or above your hand basin thus making it invisible.

High capacity

People in Florida or Carolina may gauge why on earth one needs 180 degree heat on water, however Northern sides of USA and Freezing cold weather affected regions of Canada will love to hear about it. This model is useful for temperature of 37°F or a little less. Manufacturer claims it can heat 3 gallon per minute, that means even though it is unlikely to bath so often in such weather still if two person decides to take bath at same time (different washrooms definitely )they won’t run out of water ever.

In south part of USA with a less cold weather the heater can handle up to 6 gallons per minute when translating in our language that is my whole family (4 people) can take shower at same time while an additional person can work in kitchen simultaneously.

Digital temperature control

This new generation tankless water heater have removed the inconvenience of water mixing by introducing digital temperature controlling system. By use of a flow control valve and thermistor it can also control the temperature despite of the changing flow of water. Thus risk of scalding also evaporates.

The digital scale offer 80°F - 140°F with increasing the heat in increment of 1 degree, allowing the pickiest person to choose the right temperature that he seeks for.

Saving in water

When heater is placed at a distant place, you are not required to let some gallon of cold water wasted while waiting for the hot water to arrive at your faucet. Hot water is available right at the first touch.


  • Light weight-13.75 lbs. much less in compare to traditional heaters
  • It is one of the best tank less water heater as it ranks 5 among Heaters at Tools & Home improvement section of Amazon
  • It has 99.8% efficiency record
  • Point of use system let water heat only on demand.
  • Based on Home depot review 83% people will recommend it to a friend


1) Flow of water

  • It has 3 internal units with 3 copper pipes, each has 1.5’ diameter. It poses some restriction on the flow of water but not as much as some negative reviews patronizes.
  • Hot water dribble sometimes

Solution- Each of the 3 unit will require separate and dedicated 240 volt 40 amp circuit, and #8 wire for connecting. As per manufacturer other electrical requirements are-

27 kW

Single phase

112.5 maximum power draw (Amps)

240 volts

3 x 40 required breakers

3 x 8 AWG required wire

To get a powerful shower like 4 gallon per minute more powerful water angel is required. So if the place where you live has a water flow of like 50 degree or less you may need to spend 20$ to avail a low flow shower and you can get a 4 GPM shower with 49 degree of incoming water supply.

For leaking water complains it can be another issue of unclear pipeline or staffed valves, not a failing feature of the heater.

2) Strict policy of warranty

To avail the life time warranty for any defective parts of ECO 27 Tankless Water Heater some strict policy need to be followed word by word-

  • The warranty card is needed to be returned by 30 days. Warranty can be availed only if ecosmart eco 27 installation process was carried out by a licensed plumber and licensed electrician.
  • Also warranty is applicable only for the defective parts not for entire system.

Solution- If you can afford a licensed electrician and licensed plumber for the installation than it will meet the warranty prerequisites. Remember these people’s name, license number and phone numbers are also required to be written in warrant cards, for future references. Oh be sure to retain the customer half part of your warranty card.

About the warranty of partial sector of heater, If you can get an electrician to dissemble and remove the faulty part or have those skills on your own than you can avail the warranty of repaired part and keep the heater functioning for good.

3) Power strains

Some negative reviews say it provides low flow of water or water is not as hot as it would be when you need a 4 Gallon per Minute flow for a broiler system or for shower.

Solution- Maximum capacity of the heater is 140 by factory setting, it is for safety reason and perfect for less cold weather or for children, elders.

For more cold places which are what EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater is designed for, it provisions to raise the heat up to 180 degree through internal setting. You will need to power off and put the jumper in these two pins of top, to set it to 180 degree.


  • Q: Does the heater provide any remote control for separate heaters in same home?
  • Ans-Yes eco smart make remote for such purpose.
  • Q: What kind of yearly maintenance is required for ecosmart electric tankless water heater?
  • Ans-A valve that can flush out the unit couple of times a year is preferable. Vinegar solution is best for clearing purpose. A Philips screw driver will be very handful for maintenance purposes.
  • Q- Does it work for a washing machine and shower at a time?
  • Ans- Yes, eco smart work efficiently for these purposes at same time.
  • Q- Is eco 27 tankless water heaters adequate for 3700 sqft with 3.5 bathrooms?
  • Ans- It can but efficiency depends on the water flow, temperature of the area and how many faucets are simultaneously working. Length of the pipes will determine efficiency. A smaller pipe at point of use is preferable to one long pipe from center.
  • Q- Is installation easy?
  • Ans-It is easier in compare to traditional heaters; EcoSmart also provides a plumbing manual for installation. However you should install it by a licensed plumber and electrician in case you want a life time warranty for faulty parts.
  • Q- What does warranty cover?
  • Ans- Warranty covers repairmen of faulty parts. Installation cost, dissembling or assembling costs are excluded of warranty c overage.
  • Q- Is eco 27 tank less water heater suitable for using as hot water baseboard or hydronic service?
  • Ans- Yes ecosmart is capable of 92,000 BTU/hr overage.

Ecosmart 27 troubleshooting - Contact: https://www.ecosmartus.com/contact

Final verdict

This ecosmart water heaters has some issues with installation process and warranty claims, which happens in most warranty claim cases. Other than that it is big enough for 5-7 people’s home with multipurpose usage of washer, washing machine, shower, bath tub, Kitchen faucets. It is designed to provide 3 GPM in inlet temperature of 37°F; making it perfect for really cold weather. At inlet temperature of 77°F it supports 4 showers and 2 sinks making it also perfect for a big family in a warmer place. With a good rating and all starred feature ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater surely kill off the contenders.

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