How Do You Know When Your Water Heater Needs Replacing

There was a time when a human being was not so careful about using the things that are making their life more comfortable. In the modern time, there are many things which can be used to make life easier. At the contemporary time, a man can get many household advantages without working hard. Some household equipment invented for the satisfaction of the living. The water heater is one of them. It is widely used in the world. You can use it for getting hot water at a different temperature in any season especially in the winter season. But it is true that a water heater cannot provide its service for the whole life. When we face trouble with your water heater, you have to replace it instantly. Otherwise, it may be the cause of your nonstop water problem in your house.

Many of us don’t know when we should replace our water heater? We cannot replace our water heater at any time without some remarkable signs that’s helpful to understand this is time to replace the water heater.

Some key symptoms you can look for determine whether you need to replace your hot water tank.

  1. Feel the water
  2. Duration of your supply of hot water lasts
  3. Check the floor around your hot water tank for standing water
  4. Inspect the fittings and plumbing connections
  5. Listen to your water heater
  6. Check the age of your hot water tank

Here are five things are given in below that indicate Your Water Heater Is Going Out and Change it as soon as possible-

1. Used time (Age)

First, you have to know or remember the purchase date of your water heater. Then you will be able to find out the used time or age of your water heater. The water heater has some using limitation. You can use it maximum ten years. But it may be different from the produced company.

If you fail to know about the used time of your water heater, you can also follow the points given in below-

  • Check the manufactured date which given on the body of the water heater.
  • Check the serial number (Example-GA85492475, it may be different by production Company) of your water heater because you can get any information manufactured date about your water heater by submitting the serial number to the produced company.

After doing the above things if you realize that your water heater used for a long time about ten years or more than ten years then you should replace it immediately.

2. Temperature of water

When you are using a water heater to heat water, then you should notice about the temperature of the water that provides your water heater. If you feel the water you are getting is not enough heat or perfect as you want, then you should think about the replacement of your water heater.

It may be happened by breaking the heating element and for the inactiveness. Then you have to change the broken feature to a new one. But after turning the element or equipment in maximum time it doesn’t work correctly for a long time, so it is better to think to replace the water heater by new one than changing material or element.

3. Discolored water

We all know that there is no color of water. The fresh water should have freshness and cleanliness. But when you notice you are not getting perfect color of water, then it seems about the trouble of water heater. So you can take some step to prevent the discolored or rusty water-

  • Add some magnesium, zinc or aluminum
  • Add two piece of anode rod to your water heater; you can use two massive regular sized anode rod that’s made of same metal, so that cannot chemically react.
  • Then attach a hose to your water heater drainage bib. And turn it off to drain it. You can do the same process again and again for removing it properly.

If you get same colored water like dirty, sandy or muddy, so it’s sure that Your Water Heater is About to Fail and reinstate as soon as possible.

4. Leakage

Sometimes your water heater pipes and tank can get leakage after a long time using. Then you have to make sure that there is no leakage in of your water heater. Sometimes the tank of the water heater may be leaked. For this reason, the side of water heater can be flooded.

When the leak of the tank gets more whole, then it can flood your entire house. And also can damage your valuable things by flooding. So you should not wait at all. You should think to do something against the problem. There are given some points in below to find out exact leakage-

  • At first turn off the circuit breaker.
  • Check the valve. It may be bottom drain valve or top release valve. If you find out them is loose then tight it properly. Maybe it is the leading causes of the leakage.

If you find the tank is leaked and think you will fix only the leaking tank, so it is false thinking because there is no option for adjusting the leaking water tank. So you have to replace it immediately before getting any significant damage.

5. Intolerable sound

When you use a water heater there deposited sediment in the bottom of the tank of your water heater. The residue is a kind of minerals. The minerals are essential for your body but not suitable for the water heater. For heating or preheating water, your heating bill gets high. And build up sediment more and more in the bottom of the tank. The deposit gets typically harden and softer for reheating because your water heater tries to heat the residue which creates the sound.

The sound also may be happened for the losing joints parts and forgetting rusted in some equipment. So try to find out such this problem and it means to tell you need a new water heater

Video: Water Heater Replacement: When to replace your water heater

All the above things that are given are the primary causes of the damaging water heater. That will help you to find out your water heater is getting out of service or repair. You should replace your water heater as soon as possible if you don’t want to get any trouble with your water heater.

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