Rheem RTGH-95XLN Outdoor Whole House Tankless Gas Water Heater Reviews

Deciding on which water heater meets your unique demand may not be as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of “triple C,” that is- consideration, comparison, and calculation; I call it a humongous affair. Probably Rheem understood the difficulty level; this is why they introduced this user-friendly EZ-Spec™ Sizing Software – This advanced online tool will do the guesswork out of sizing tankless applications; you can find it Rheems website. 


Rheem itself has mastered on different needs and have delivered a variety of tankless units. Rheem RTGH-95XLN Whole House Tankless Gas Water Heater -Is one of them. This 2nd generation condensing gas-fired heater is suitable for outdoor. Very powerful the in the context of GPM, it has been contrasted with a rare combination of high energy efficiency and high capacity. Let us dig into the detail.

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What Is Interesting About the Rheem RTGH-95XLN?

Cold water sandwich problem resolved

Rheem condensing Prestige series has ‘Hot-start programming’ feature. This feature minimizes fluctuation in water temperature during the frequent on-off period. What happens in tankless water heater because of on-off there remain stored water in the line, which is cold and when hot water comes it get in between, often called as a cold water sandwich problem. Hot start program takes care of it by balancing water flow and heat.

Compliant to a high standard of the eco-friendly appliance

Rheem RTG-95XLN is one of the extremely environmentally friendly and one of the best tankless water heater. It conforms with, many high standard certifications-

  • Like it meets Ultra Low NOx burner and meets SCAQMD rule 1146.2 requirements. That is precisely the standard set for the reduction of nitrogen oxides from gas-fired fan-type residential furnaces. These gas-fired furnaces used for comfort heating of home or commercial uses if meet such standard is deemed as very safe and emitting very nominal nitrogen oxides.
  • EnergyStar compliant - Meeting EnergyStar compliance is not easy. It takes into consideration of much things-Low air pollution, energy consumption to output production ratio, etc. For a 9.5 GPM gas-fired heater to meet EnergyStar is particularly tricky as it has to be high powered yet emit low pollution, surely Rheem RTGH-95XLN Prestige Natural Gas Outdoor Whole House Low NOx Condensing Tankless 9.5 GPM Water Heater is doing that with excellent efficiency and bagging EnergyStar.

Copper heater to heat water

Rheem RTG-95XLN uses a copper heat exchanger, unlike stainless heat exchanger, that many other heaters often use. Stainless heat exchangers are functional and efficient, but a copper heat exchanger is 40 times faster when it comes to the question of heat transfer. Rheem is giving 94% efficiency with a copper heat exchanger. So with improved performance, you can let go of the worry of cost and residual, for sure.

Saves water

It has a Water savings setting. It decreases the flow rate through the pipes until temperature reaches heater’s set temperature. So when you open faucet and wait for hot water to come you do not waste so much water, an approximate calculation says it saves up to 1,100 gallons of water per year. Imagine how many baths you could take with that much-wasted water now being saved!

Compatible with Low flow fixture 

Rheem RTG-95XLN is compatible with Low flow fixture. It allows you to use it for energy saving showerhead, faucet or, accessories that have low flow due to low water pressure in the area. It has let you avail as little as 0.26 GPM and minimum activation flow rate of 0.40 GPM; that ensures the user will receive hot water even in low demand situations.

What People Like

  • Digital display of heat control, with maintenance code showing for probable error alarm
  • EZ-Link™ cable for connecting two tankless units to operate as a single
  • OptionalMIC-6 manifold control board connect up to six groups
  • High-altitude capability – up to 9,840 ft.
  • Guardian OFW™ overheat film wrap
  • Digital remote control

What People Do Not Like

It is super heavy and big

What is the point of going tankless when it weighs as much as 78 pounds! It is not easy to carry or install for the burden. It weighs 5-10 times more than the tankless heater


One primary reason for the overweight is attributed to the hundreds of feature accommodating parts that have made it so powerful yet energy saving.

Rheem RTG-95XLN is designed for outdoors so you need not worry about the look of the bathroom/kitchen or the weigh because when you install it, you make an arrangement that can hold it for at least next ten years. When you find weigh is a significant barrier to installation, you can always seek professional help.

Cannot be used indoor

It is for outdoor installation, making it susceptible to freezing temperature and wild exterior.


It is true when a unit is installed outdoor you need to look after the best possible ways to shield it from wind or tree. It is applicable for any outdoor gas-fired heater. In case you are not comfortable with it, you can choose an indoor version of same capacity from Rheem. The beauty of this outdoor heater is- it will heat water faster as it is gas fired and indoors are generally electric with no venting need.

You have to clean the stored water from the pipes before cold weather surges, or you leave home for a long time. However, it has Freeze protection to -30 degrees F, so no worry until your temperature is beyond that limit.

Commonly Asked Queries for Rheem RTGH-95XLN Tankless Water Heater

Q - How many years of warranty it provides

Ans-Warranty on Parts - 5 Years, the warranty on Labor - 1 Year and 5 Years on Heat Exchanger.

- I live at 7800 ft above sea level, will it work?

Ans-It has High-altitude capability - up to 9,840 ft elevation above sea level, so your condition is perfect for using it.

Q - I have four bathroom inlet temperature varies between 40-60 degree. Will it serve the whole house?

Ans-With 9.5 GPM you can use all the shower head when it is above 50 degrees, At 40 degree you can still use three shower head and a faucet simultaneously. So definitely it will serve the need no matter what is the temperature.

What’s The Best Price for the Rheem RTGH-95XLN and where can I buy it?

As we’ve specified here, the Rheem RTGH-95XLN Prestige Natural Gas Outdoor Whole House Low NOx Condensing Tankless 9.5 GPM Water Heater is a premium Water Heater, so it has a higher price point than other Water Heater. The actual price of the Rheem RTGH-95XLN will change from time to time so it is best to check Amazon for their most current price and any shipping deals them may be offering.

A list of the Rheem Tankless water heater reviews

VIDEO: Installing a Rheem Prestige Series Condensing Tankless Water Heater

Verdict: Is This Water Heater For You?

A 9.5 GPM tankless heater is good enough for a big home with 8-10 people or a home with frequent visiting guests’ need. Rheem RTGH-95XLN Prestige Natural Gas Outdoor Whole House Low NOx Condensing Tankless 9.5 GPM Water Heater is suitable for- low flow to high flow fixtures, for homes far high above sea level and for people like me who cannot do without a remote control. I recommend this for big houses and high demands. Rating, reviews suggests nothing except the weigh is a drawback of it.

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