Takagi T-D2-OS-NG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater Gas

Takagi T-D2-OS-NG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater is gas firing, ten GPM, Non-Condensing and highly compliant to industry norms tankless Water Heater. It is suitable for outdoor installation. With a 10 GPM capacity and 82% energy efficiency, this tankless heater has got certification of Energy star and frustration free. Beware about the nitrogen emission though, it has low NOx emission certificate, but you need to look for the proper ventilation spot and secured right sized gas line to install it. 

Takagi T-D2-OS-NG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater Gas

It has a favorable term of warranty of 12 years on heat exchanger but Takagi minds, if you do not use a professional help on installation and warranty, is subject to professional installation only. So if you are planning to take it as a weekend project do it at own risk.

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What Is Interesting About the Takagi T-D2-OS-NG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater Natural Gas?

Power saving

Takagi T-D2-OS-NG has a self-modulating sensor when water flows and achieves 0.75 GPM the burner starts to heat water. It has a proportional gas valve that heats up after sensing the flow; the fan also begins then. Thus when idle it consumes less power if still on. At standby mode, it consumes nominal only 6.2 Watt in compare to 89.6 watts while active.

A remote control

An outdoor unit with a remote control gives the feel like an indoor unit. You can need it between operation and inside a bath too. Takagi T-D2-OS-NG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater comes with remote control, so you get the privilege to control, it and monitor the temperature and see the GPM from a distance.

Energy efficient and legally compliant

Wanting of energy-efficient products in today’s world is profuse. However, Tankless heaters have been able to address the need. Takagi T-D2-OS-NG has an EnergyStar certification that says it is highly eco-friendly yet produces hot water endlessly. Low NOX emission says it produces very less amount of disposal acids. Also with 82% EF factor it if it consumes 1 unit of watt it generates 0.82 of hot water.

Space Saver

One initial reason behind inventing tankless water heater was to emancipate from the unwanted tank. Tank heaters eat up much space which is not always viable for a home with space restriction. Like many another version of this brand, T-KJr2-OS-NG is also very compact. With 8.5 x 13.8 x 20.3 inches dimension, Takagi T-KJr2-OS-NG model is microscopic and fits conveniently anywhere. Small size eases to carry and hook it at an excellent ventilating spot in outdoor.

High GPM

It offers a highest 10 GPM, in most cases you do not need that much force, but if yours is a home with a significant need to feed, then this much GPM is the best news. In cold weather, you cannot avail 10 GPM though, like in Alaska or Nebraska you can get two shower head to run at a time with 6 GPM. At warmer climates, you, on the other hand, get the full power and use four shower head at a time. So in a little time, you can pour your tub, get both kids ready for school.  

Digital scale

It has a digital range to offer you a suitable temperature as per your inlet temperature. Use the remote or the deep switches and set the temperature between 113-140 degree F.

What People Like

  • 82% energy efficient
  • Includes TM-RE30 remote
  • Takes both natural gas and propane
  • Safety led light as a flame detector.
  • NO pilot light
  • Freeze protection for extreme weather

What People Do Not Like

Expensive installation - It takes 600-1000 dollar extra for professional installation. Those who are interested in installation process are likely to do be disappointed as Takagi takes it as a void of warranty clause.


Doing the installation you void the warranty clause for all logical reason. It is a gas heater and associated with many technical issues. You do not want to risk your home’s safety by installing it yourself without proper expertise, do you? Everybody is intimidated by the professional charges however for a 10 to 20 years after effect it is entirely worthy.

Still, if you are interested in doing the DYI, Takagi heaters come with veraciously complete installation and troubleshooting guide to help out.

Location - It has to be installed outdoor and maintain an open space outward for ventilation.


Gas fixtures function best when installed outdoor. Also, you need to make sure the unit has space enough for combustion air and proper ventilation. Failure to do it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning or death.

Still, some homes may not have proper open space for installation for them Takagi tenders direct-vent conversion kit Part No. 100112184 (TK-TV10).

Also, a drain pan or other means of protection against water leakage is highly recommended in case of leaks or occasional drips.

Commonly Queries for Takagi T-D2-OS-NG

Q-What are the warranty offer?

Ans - Takagi says, on behalf of residential use, you have 12 years on heat exchanger, five years on parts and one year labor. Also, it adds- warranty will be void if not installed by a professional.

Q-It has this freeze protection, does it work while it is off?

Ans - You have to on the freeze protection to let it work on warming up for being protected from freezing. It will consume 111W in this mode.

What’s The Best Price for the T-D2-OS-NG and where can I buy it?

When you are ready to purchase your T-D2-OS-NG, there are several options both online and in traditional retailers. Your best option for purchasing online is through Amazon which has the most competitive prices. Amazon regularly adjusts their prices in order to give you the best price. So, you should check Amazon to see what their most recent deals are and to see if they are offering any specials on shipping.

Verdict: Is This Water Heater For You?

Takagi T-D2-OS-NG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater is a great catch for those who want eco-friendly goods but want efficiency at its best. It is designed for outdoor, but that does not limit it’s usage to outdoor purposes like those portable mini heaters. It is a whole house heater for multiple applications to run at a time. The warranty duration suggests it is designed for long term. A 10 GPM makes it suitable for all kind of weather. Also, such a powerful water heater will add value to your home regarding resale value too. So if you want a highly efficient, eco-friendly, safe tankless water heater, Takagi T-D2-OS-NG needs to be checked.

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