Takagi T-KJr2-OS-NG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

​​​​Takagi T-KJr2-OS-NG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater is a second edition of the original Takagi T- OS-NG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater with a little change in location of the inlets and outlets. It is only suitable for outdoor installation. With a 6.6 GPM and 0.82 energy efficiency, this tankless heater is preferable to many. But you need to look for suitable spot for proper ventilation and maintain the good performance and play it safe. Those who are interested about installation process and like to do it on your own; takagi comes with a very detailed installation and troubleshooting guide to help you install it yourself.

Takagi T-KJr2-OS-NG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

Power saving

A self modulating sensor senses the water flow more than 0.75 GPM and let the burner start to heat water. The proportional gas valve heats up after sensing the flow so does the fan; it saves power and the electric bill when it is idle.

A wired remote control

A wired remote control gives you the privilege to control it and monitor the temperature and see the GPM.

Energy efficient

Gas Tankless water heater reviews says high EF or energy efficiency is one thing you should look for in a heater. Takagi T-KJr2-OS-NG Outdoor Tankless water Heater is highly energy efficient. With 0.82 energy efficiency it indicates, every day it if it consume 1 unit of power it produces 0.82 power units, sounds good enough.


If you are looking for a small tankless gas water heater then you should know with 6.7 x 13.8 x 20.5 inches dimension, Takagi T-KJr2-OS-NG model is the smallest unit in the line-up of Takagi. So it is easy to carry and hook at good ventilating spot in outdoor.

High GPM

It offers a 6.6 GPM which is higher than most heaters that offers 6 GPM at max. So in a little time you can pour the tub or use the flow to wash off all the tough dirt from your dog.

For outdoor only

Takagi T-KJr2-OS-NG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater is suitable for outdoor usage. With the vent built in outdoor unit it will save your money for additional vent pipes.

Light Residential use

Tankless gas water heater reviews says it can be used for two bathrooms at a time. Some users said it can help multiple applications a same time. Manufacturer claims it is ideal for flats or small home with 2-3 bathrooms. With gas input of 140,000 BTU Takagi can be ideal for one bathroom flat at a colder place.

Digital scale

Through the wired remote or the deep switches you can set the heat between 113-140 degree F. In default it is selected as 122 F. Such temperature controlling powers ensure a constant temperature through the shower time.


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  • Cost efficient
  • It is environment friendly as run by natural gas.
  • Good for medium need of hot water
  • Supply smooth and endless hot water

Cons with solution

A dedicated gas line is required

You will need a dedicated gas line for this to function effectively.


You can install it yourself or pay someone to take a dedicated line from the meter to install it. Thus it will save energy and produce hot water instantly.


If not installed nearer to your wash room the water you will receive may be only luke warm.


For best result you have to install it at a place that is in middle of where all water application happens. This will guarantee the hot water.

Check the cross plumbing between your hot and cold water line you can have takagi service agent to look inside the plumbing it may cause less hot water.

Three more reason behind less hot water is inadequate gas supply, or gas supply valve may be not fully open or gas supply line may not be positioned properly. All these things can cause low gas and low heated water a takagi service agent can be asked to come and check for the solution.

Hard water application

Takagi T-KJr2-OS-NG Outdoor Tank less Water Heater has the same problem like many other water heaters it does not work smoothly for long period.


For 12 to 15 years of complain free performance you will need to regularly maintain it. For this purpose you need water softener for longevity in hard water condition. Also if you are using it for well or dirty water than you s pre sediment filter is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q-Does it sometime gives Too hot water?
  • Ans- In 3 cases chance of too hot water exist

    1. In case you have set the temperature too high.

    2. If the any object has obstructed than required water flow.

    3. When the output thermistor has been compromised than too hot water may flow. By switching to diagnostic mode you can see If the inlet and out let water are same temperature. This way you know whether output thermostat is working properly.
  • Q-I have had issues with fluctuating bulb when a fixture is opened does it happens with Takagi T-KJr2-OS-NG Outdoor Tank less Water Heater too?
  • Ans-No, if the unit is properly installed than such problem is unlikely to occur. When you face such problem you can check the flow and temperature right at the pressure valve.Also if your gas supply is inadequate or the gas lines are not properly sized than such problem may arise.


Takagi T-KJr2-OS-NG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater is designed for outdoor, but that does not limit it’s usage to outdoor purposes only. It is mostly used for all indoor activities like bathing, washing clothes or dishes both at same time. With a 15 year limited heat exchanger warranty and a 5 year warranty on faulty parts if used for residential purposes it is designed for long term. Most users have given positive reviews on this making it a best tankless gas water heater by giving it a 3.9 review on Amazon. So if you are looking for a gas tankless water heater this one can be short listed.

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