Webstone IPS Isolator Tankless Water Heater Service Valve Kit Reviews

So you have bought the tankless unit you searched and decided was perfect for your home. After a year or two suddenly it stopped giving hot water. Consulting the manufacturer you found out err was on your side as you never descaled it or gave it a flush. Maintenance error can redeem the life span of expensive tank less unit; however you were not demonstrated by anyone on how to maintain them. After so many time have past you no longer have the instruction manual to look into the matter. After a professional diagnosis, turns out you now need to dissemble it and start from scratch, plus need a service valve to install.

Webstone IPS Isolator Tankless Water Heater Service Valve Kit

I am telling you real story this can happen and has happened in many cases, especially when your tanks less unit do not have clean out valves. Other kind of problems may arise like a tank less unit with service valve that does not have separate gates, so while you open the service handle the inlet outlet stops working. Some may have no problem with such restriction however if you are not one of them who can adjust and mange such limitation than get Webstone IPS Isolator EXP E2 Tankless Water Heater Service Valve Kit.

An efficient way of attaching

It is to be attached in a way with union that saves you at least 15 dollar on union. In this unit you first attach an adapter to inlet/outlet than attach rest of the plumbing unit on it. At first you do not realize why this feature is valued unless you have experience with other fixture with different way of attaching it.

Service gates separated

When you have to service it and fill a bucket or use the hot water for some other purpose you can do both simultaneously. Service handles are yellow, one can turn them on and service it while enjoy hot Water too.

Lead Free 

As it comes in touch with the drinking water the manufacturer made it sure to be lead free. By swallowing water that may have lead substance risk arises of damaging nervous system, damage in kidney or stomach. High blood pressure and many significant health problems are also attributed to it. But you keep tension as this is not carrying any amount of lead.

Advantage of Webstone IPS Isolator Service Valve Kit

  • It includes a pressure relief valve compatible with 150 PSI/200,000 BTU for residential purpose.
  • It complies with all federal & state standards for lead levels in drinking water system components.
  • It has high flow hose DRNs power of 500 WOG.
  • The valve set has cut off switches to the purge ports concomitant of caps.
  • Simple to install.


Loose fitting-If you are using it with Eco 18, this valve may not be usable as it is bigger in size.
It has a size of 3/4 “ size so before you decide to use it check your tankless unit’s size, about Eco 18 it is usable with some wrap of Teflon tapes.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q-Is it certified by ISO?
Answer- Yes. It is ISO 9001 certified
Q-They says it is lead free but what is the body made of?
Answer-Body is made of brass and handle with some parts are made of stainless steel.


Webstone IPS Isolator EXP E2 Tankless Water Heater Service Valve Kit makes life easy for tank less water heater unit owners. This lead free brass made 4444 series valve set has hot and cold set of full port forged brass ball valves, Hi flow hose drain, pressure relief valve outlet and adjustable packing gland so this valve set is essential for servicing your tankless unit. Another thing that may help you decide to make the decision is- it has 4.7 rating out of 5 in 221 reviews (pretty popular right?) and it ranks 2nd in #2 under sub head of Industrial & Scientific in valves.

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