Ecosmart Eco 36 Review

Are you looking for a tankless heater that can support four showers at a time? If you live in the southern part of the USA or a colder place with a high demand for hot water, then ECO 36kw is your catch. The eco 36 installation process is too easy, 50% energy cost-saving feature, high capacity, and good customer reviews. It is new, and many old models’ quality has been upgraded here. If you want to know more about it, let us get into detail.


Hardware design and build quality

The look of the eco 36 is elegant and solid. The cover is easily removable. Inside, the units are neatly assembled with screws. Wiring is to be done in only 3 points, making things easy. There are plenty of spaces inside the panel that does not let the panel heat up.

Compact and space-saving

Suppose you are looking for a heater that will not take up a large amount of space, then tankless water heaters are great. Ecosmart Eco 36 has 17 x 19 x 3.8 inches dimension slightly more significant than a laptop and weighs only 17.4 pounds. So you can hide it behind the washbasin cabinet, in case you do not prefer to make it visible.

Endless hot water supply at the coldest place

ECO 36 can handle up to 6 gallons per minute, and it means four showers and a sink will work at a time at 37°F. It can support homes with the high demand for hot water between various applications like washing machines, dishwashers, bathrooms. It also serves- large Roman-style and Jacuzzi tubs. It is beneficial for cold weathers like southern and northern United States.


The self-modulating technology of Eco 36 lets the energy uses when it senses a flow of water. So when idle, it will not operate, unlike traditional tank water heaters. Those would keep your electric line running even on vacation.

Digital temperature control

Unlike traditional heaters, this tankless water heater has digital temperature control technology. You can increase or decrease the temperature at the increment of 1 degree. The scale offers heat from 80°F – 140°F warmth.


  • Excellent customer care-They will get back to you very quickly, space-saving.
  • Compact and reduces 90% space.
  • Eco 36 is High capacity and Useful for weather less than 37°F.
  • Lifetime warranty for residential usage.


Cost for installation and repairmen

  • It is expensive to install. The only reason behind this is you need a licensed plumber and electrician to do the job. Even if you have prior experiences of installation, you should be at least monitored by the group installing so that you can claim the lifetime warranty for future failure of the faulty parts.
  • You need four double-pole (240V) 40A circuit breakers and #8 copper wiring to install it. That means a total of 12 wires-8 “hot” wires, and four ground wires. It all means a lot of money.


  • You can avail the directory’s help for the number of licensed plumber and electricians. In many cases, the plumber can also do the electrical work. You can compare the wages and decide accordingly, and this will reduce the installation cost.
  • Be sure to keep their license number on the warranty card as you are required for availing of the warranty in the future.
  • Your wiring at the house may need to be changed before installation if it does not fulfill the ECO 36’s requirements of the 40A line. In the case of the 30A line, it runs the risk of overheating the wires. So be sure of your existing wiring and make a decision based on it.
  • A 150 amp(minimum) electrical panel is needed for installation. Still, in most cases, the heater won’t demand more than 55 amp heat (when you want to have a 2GPM flow rate), but for safety concern and for availing max capacity, the Eco innovative group ask for the 150 amp requirement.
  • You will need four 40 amp breaker slots for best performance. If you don’t have them, you can start with 2 or 3 circuits that you already have, but it will restrict the usage.

Cost of repairing

Be sure neither price nor future warranty cost covers –installation, faulty parts assembly, and dissembling costs.


  • Suppose you have the DYI skill of some plumbing work, then you can cut on this cost; if not, then you take the tech help. Thus cost won’t be reduced; however, it is valid for most cases of warranty issues. You will not be required to pay for the repairing cost, though.
  • Eco 36 is well known for its organized hardwire design. The shell is easy to take out. Heating instruments are separately shown and adjusted with screws which make it easier to remove any faulty part. It won’t require you to change the whole unit if only one part is malfunctioning.

Instant hot water not possible

Some reviews say Ecosmart Eco 36 does not provide hot water instantly.


Many people have the impression unlike tank water heater, and the tankless water heater will instantly heat the water. It is true, but still, 7-10 seconds of cold water comes out. This is due to 2 issue-

  • The faucet needs to flash out the water already in the line before letting hot water in.
  • Some level of heating the water pipes causes the delay. It is only removed at the point of use heaters.

Restriction on the flow of water

It will not turn on and heat the water until the hot water line flow is 0.25 gallons per minute. When you open both cold and hot water, the restriction of heat flow increases to 0.5 GPM.


The self-modulating technology of ECO 36 Lets your energy cost reduction by heating the water only after sensing a flow. This is good for your bill; however, it restrains the water flow to get hot until 0.25 GPM, so this is one thing you have to live with to save the energy cost. In most cases, it is not an issue if your house a reasonable flow rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

I live in North America with an inlet temperature is 37 degrees F; what is the maximum flow at this temperature of Eco 36?

At 37 degree F Eco 36 can give a 3.5 GPM flow of hot water.

Why Eco36 need four double poles (240v) breakers?

My understanding from electric water heater reviews is Eco 36 is a high-power heater that needs to heat a lot volume of water instantly; it requires a lot of power that is the reason to install four double poles (240v) breakers.

My family has six members; can Eco 36 cover them? What is the maximum capacity of Eco 36?

You probably did not mention the weather condition; co 36 can give 6 GPM at maximum, which means four showers and a sink.

Do I need a filter with Eco36, or they provide it?

A filter is needed in case the water contains sediment. If your water supply needs to be filtered, you may have to get it separately.

The warranty card seems quite technical can I get someone’s help to fill it?

Yes, the contractor will fill it. If you are not sure, you can call tech supports.

How good is customer care?

Eco group has extreme customer care. Call them or email them; they will respond in one working day with detail. Even if it is Christmas or even if you are on voice mail, they will get back to you.

Final verdict

Ecosmart ECO 36kw 240V Tankless Water Heater is ideal for homes in Southern and Northern USA. At 37 degrees temperature, you can avail two showers simultaneously and never run out of water. So it is capable for big homes in warmer places (50 degrees f) or tiny homes in icy areas. Before making a choice, be very sure about the power requirements. Your house needs 40A wiring, and you need four double poles (240v) breakers and 150 Amp to run this water heater effectively. As long as you have these components installed, you won’t need to switch the brand or design ever.

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