Traditional Water Heaters vs Tankless Water Heaters : Why you ought to make the change

In winter, the American people cannot seem to take a shower without the hot water even in the dream. Not only taking a shower, today's city life hot water is essential for different household purposes like dish-washing, Laundry, heating room, etc. The solution lets you set an appropriate water heater based on your goal. However, in the market, there are several types of water heater available for domestic uses. Like storage or tank water heater, Tankless or point of use (POU) or on-demand water heater, heat pump (hybrid) water heater, solar water heater, condensing water heater, etc.

If you want to buy a new water heater or replace old one, choose the right one by matching with your purpose is a challenging task. Among domestic water heaters, traditional tank type water heater and modern Tankless water heater are most popular. We try to discuss here the mentioned water heaters which may help you to take a buying decision.

The principle of water heater is to produce hot water.

The Traditional Storage Water Heater is the most popular water heating appliance. It heats the water by a heating coil inside an insulated tank. The tank capacity varies from 20 to 80 gallons (80 – 320 liter) based on requirement. To heat the water, it uses different fuels like natural gas, electricity, propane, fuel oil, etc. This type of water heaters holds hot water until use in a tank since heating.

On the other hand, Tankless Water Heater knew as Point of Use (POU) or on-demand water heater. The tankless Water heater uses a burner to heat the water instantly as it flows through a heat exchanger or coil and deliver it directly to your faucets or point of use without storing it in a tank. This types of water heater use propane, natural gas and electricity to heat the water. The hot water flow rate of the Tankless Water Heater is limited to 2-5 GPM.

A solution for Instant Hot Water:

If you get a cold water flow in the middle of a shower, then it will be a nightmare. It may happen if you are the last man in your family. Because in Storage Water Heater it’s required some time to reheat the freshly entered water after finish the pre-stored hot water supply.

But in the modern Tankless Water Heater, you will get continuous hot water supply instantly whenever you required. This device can maintain the hot water flows for unlimited times.

However, to drain the cold water from the pipe it required few seconds to get hot water for both the water heater. Setup a circulation pump to lock the hot water will solve this problem.

Bring decent looks in your kitchen:

Old tank type water heater occupied more space than modern Tankless Water Heater. The big size tank sometimes creates obstacle inside your house either you set it in your kitchen or storehouse. Tank water heater is not suitable for installing in exposed weather condition.

The Tankless Water Heater brings an aesthetic look to your kitchen due to its’ compact design. The small and compact size will give you the advantage to fix it up by the match with the interior design of your kitchen cabinet. You can set where needed even on outside walls if your house is space challenged.

Long working life as twice as traditional one:

Usually, the Tankless Water Heater lasting for 20 to 25 years which is as double as the Tank Water Heater. Standard warranty for Tank Water Heater is 6-years whereas Tankless Water Heart warranty is about 15 years. 

However, due to high-end technology and more internal parts Tankless Water Heater required professional maintenance in a regular interval.

Save Energy thus cut your utility bills:

Tank Water Heater maintains a constant temperature (120-140° F) to keep the water warm inside the tank until its use. Also, it heats up the full tank of water (20-80 gallons) whether you need it or not. However, in Tankless heat the water only when needed.

Thus, the tankless water heater is 24-34% more energy efficient than tank one for the household that uses 41 gallons or less hot water daily. As per the US Department of Energy, you can save about $108 annually from your utility bills by using a tankless heater.

Energy Star Ratings

Tankless water heater typically has 6-star energy ratings, sometimes found 7-star rating also. As Tankless run both by natural gas and LPG.

As opposed to, tank water heaters are mostly 4 to 5-star energy ratings.

Save the environment by reducing CO2 emission:

The tank water heater which runs by coal-fired electricity produced more CO2 emission than Tankless one.

You can reduce 75% more CO2 emission by replacing traditional water heater with continuous flow Tankless water heater which is run by LPG.

Clean & Fresh Water Supply

Water supply from a tank water heater may pick rust and flaky scale which may build up inside the tank.

As there is no tank, there is no chance of formation rust in the Tankless water heater system. So, the Tankless water heater will ensure fresh and clean water supply for your use.

Concurrent use of hot water

For a joint family, shower four or more members at a time, use laundry or dishwasher simultaneously then large storage tank water heater is suitable for you. However, it will increase your utility bill.

By installing Tankless water heater parallelly in each outlet, you can achieve more energy savings of 27-50%. As well as, you can use hot water for multipurpose at the same time.    

Health and Safety

There is a fair chance to grow bacteria inside the tank water heater if not maintain optimum temperature (i.e., 60° C recommended by WHO). However, it is difficult to keep the optimum temperature at the bottom of the tank. So, it may turn into a breeding ground of Legionellosis bacteria which is responsible for respiratory diseases like pneumonia. 

There is no such chance as there is no standing water which helps to breed bacteria inside it. For more safety, it is better to set the temperature at 50° C.

Higher upfront and maintenance cost

There is a common myth that the Tankless water heater is more costly than the traditional one. Usually, the difference is now shrunken if you compare 5-star tank with 6 or 7-star Tankless water heater.

Finding 100% maintenance free device is an arduous task. The more you maintain, the more you get output from it. However, Tankless is high-end technology which needs little more maintenance than tank water heater. You never need to worry about flooding due to broken tank problem in the Tankless heater.

Computerized Control System

Modern Tankless water heart has computer control unit (ECU), by which control all functions like temperature, ignition, gas flow, and modulation. There is also a flame sensor and automatic gas-cut-off system for handling an emergency situation.


Video: Tankless vs Tank Water Heater: Pros and Cons

You may not found these features in traditional tank water heaters.   

If you have severe budget constraints or if it's hard to manage your bank then you can go for tank water heater, otherwise in all aspects Tankless will be the best option. Now it is your turn to choose. If you think Tankless water hear is the best suite for you, then go through Tankless water heater reviews.

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