Aqua-Pure AP430SS Hot Water System Protector

Hot Water system protector is a great innovation in the 20th century. Many people, especially in USA and UK most uses the hot water system protector. Hot water system helps to make water hot when it comes from the tank. People like to take bath with hot water. So water heater system that makes people regular life easier.

But in some cases, the Hot water system that needs some protector. The protector that helps users from different kind of accidents and make them use freely. There are many kinds of brand products available on the market. Aqua-Pure AP430SS Hot Water System Protector is one of them and most popular, well known to all marketplace especially in the USA. This product introduces from USA manufacturer.

Aqua-Pure AP430SS Hot Water System Protector

The Aqua-Pure AP43SS Hot water system needs to install when in order to filter the water before its fill with hot water. It helps to protect the water heater from scalp buildup. This brand can be installed directly in 4" pipe leading into the hot water.

Instruction of Installing of Aqua-Pure AP430SS :​

  • The protector system can be install from the cold water line (Tank/Tank less) before set up the water heater.
  • A user needs to read the full instruction and convenience chart before accepting the product.
  • A cartridge requires before install. This cartridge needs to be replaced every 6 months with water heater filter.
  • The cartridge some cases need to change quickly depending on water quality and user usage limit.

Features of Aqua-Pure AP430SS:

There are many types of branded hot water system protector available in the market. But The Aqua-Pure AP430SS has some features and specification that can help buyers before choose their niche product. The feature is described below:

  • The scale stopper is unique
  • Dissolve rate is much slower
  • Used FDA CFR - 21 materials by manufacturers
  • Maintenance and accessories and installation tools are available
  • This brand can be operated from any types of system like
    Gas , Electric Tankless Water Heater or Tank Type Water Heater

Specifications of Aqua Pure AP430SS:​

  • Water pressure: Maximum 125 (operating pressure)
  • Water Temperature: 100 (F)
  • Water Flow rate: 6-7 gpm
  • Weight: 2.3 lbs
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Inlet and Outlet: 3/4" NPT
  • Dimensions: 10-1/4"H and 2-3/4" or 26/7 (Cm)
  • Primary Filter Module: Phosphate Crystal
  • Filter Media: Siliphos
  • Filter Life: 06 Months (Six)
  • Warranty: 1 Year maximum

Benefit of using Aqua-Pure AP430SS Hot Water System Protector:

  • 3/4" inlet and outlet connection that helps user to easily install.
  • The scale and inhibition are so idly designed that helps to make water heater system life longer.
  • Mufti-Application design option available such as Gas, Electric, Broiler etc so that user can easily install the system to their home as per their requirement.
  • Siliphose is a 100% pure food grade inhibitor which used before fitting stainless steel.
    So, overall features look like the Aqua-Pure AP430SS is the very useful system for every user at home. This can be easily installed with any system and installation process also very smooth. The water heater protector needs to install every water heater user for their safety and security also with long-lasting their water heater.

There are different effective sides of using aqua pure hot water system. Like other brands, this product has some pros and cons. These issues are explained in below:

Advantages of Using Aqua AP430SS Hot Water System Protector:

Save Energy: By using the Aqua AP430SS, user can easily save electricity and the main operating water heater tankless or tank water heater.

Efficient Level High: Protector system helps the water heater save energy. So this product efficient level is high, some tankless water heater energy factors efficient factor higher.

Compact Size: Size is smaller so the user can easily carry or shift protector and installation process is also easy.

Durable: Aqua-Pure AP430SS offers generally 1-year warranty. But it can stay a long time upto 20 years depends on water flow, water condition and the used heater system tank or tankless.

Reliable: Aqua-Pure 430SS is sized properly that main machine, accessories are easily used with gas, electric or boiler system. The parts are reliable and easy to set up.

Low Product Cost: in general like a gas operated water heater can store 30 gallons in the tank, so the product is made as per user requirement and manufacturer sell into market fair price 500 to 700 ($).

Replacement cost Lower: after buying the product, the user can claim for replacement if necessary. The user can also easily replace the protector when they shift home or office.

Adjusted to the weather: In a rainy or cloudy day, sun heat little generated. Little junk or overheating problem does not effect by using this protector.

Popular Domestic Water Purify: AP430ss Hot water system protector are now so popular in domestic countries as purifying. People are looking to make their water purify by using this brand. It helps to impressive descaling which useful for using households specially protect hard water salts.

Release food grade chemical: AP430ss is good for long-term use. It helps to release the food grade chemical which is approved by USDA. This chemical prevents scaling of exposed metal parts.

Cons of Using AP430SS and Solutions:

Conventional tanks: in some cases, where some water heater brand provide auto protection system. These case this water heater protector not useful for all users.

Loose fitting: If loos fit the protector, then it can be unusable. In that case before purchase right to know user water heater size.

In the circumstance, AP430ss has many merits and fewer demerits. It can easy to say that user can get benefit If they use it with their water heater as a purifier and live healthily.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question-1: When cartridge need to change?

Answer: When the taste returns of water. A drop of water pressure noticed, which comes first it need to change. On average every 3-4 months better to change the cartridge.

Question-2: How do I know what filter Size to use?

Answer: Like for domestic countries, water purifiers install in the bathroom. Suppose your home has 2 bathrooms, so for filtering water, you need two cartridge filter such as AP102T or AP12T. If the incoming line size is one inch or lowers then the AP801 is recommended for your bathroom.

Question-3: How to remove water hardness without a softener?

Answer: Aqua-Pure AP430SS offers scale stopper cartridge which has two sides: mechanism to inhibit both scale and corrosion. Both can prevent the scale from forming and make the pipe surface negative effects by hard water scaling.


AP430SS hot water system protector is used for all domestic people. People like to make their life comfortable. They start to use water heater system in their bathroom. But get more fresh water and comfort bathe, water heater also need purifier. AP430SS will fulfill users to get fresh and filter water.

The overall description which has positive and negative sides. By features and specifications that help the user to recognize product effective sides. In pros and cons section, Aqua AP430SS has most useful results comes out. Installation system easier and accessories also available. So People needs to use purify system to protect their water heater and make life more refreshing.

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