Rinnai RL94eN Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

If you are in need of a gas fired high capacity tankless water heater with Gallons per Minute as high as 9.4 as Rinnai RL94eN Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater is a very smart choice. It bypasses the wait of hot water in beginning by smart technology of re-circulation pump. Rinnai has termed it as luxury series tankless units for a reason. It has dual heat exchangers to provide higher heat at low time. This gas water heater is suitable for outdoor installation. It is 83% energy efficient and consumes only 9,900 – 199,000 BTU of gas.

Rinnai RL94eN Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

Recirculation pump

It is a very sagacious choice for those who want a nifty tankless water heater that won’t bore them with a wait of hot water in the beginning. It has a Built-in circulation pump. This pump is an integrated system with a thermal bypass technology. This technology is concomitant to an integrated pump, internal bypass line and thermal bypass valve; collectively these devices heats up water fast and reduce the wait at beginning. Many high end users separately buy a recirculation pump to enhance the performance, but Rinnai RL94eN Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater does not need another line for the recirculation pump. Means you need not to waste any money on installation for extra features.

High capacity

Rinnai RL94eN Natural Gas Water Heater is not for you if you have a 2 - 4 people at home. You can still choose it but it will mean a lot of unused vestigial capacity. This is a 9.4 GPM capacity heater, means 5 applications can run at a time, so a home with at least 5 and up to 9 people can use it satisfyingly.

Saves space

Like other tank less water heater Rinnai RL94eN Tankless Water Heater is also super small with of 12.5 x 10 x 26 inches dimensions. It will have 13 cubic feet of your space that conventional water heaters take up.

Digital controller

It has a digital controller with a range of 98°F - 140°F for residential Temperature Settings and 98°F - 185°F for commercial Temperature Settings. In case you are buying this for a food van, parlor or other commercial use you can use a higher temperature and a digital remote that you need to buy separately. Also it has Temperature lock function designed to prevent accidental or unauthorized changes to water temperature.

Compliant to high standard of eco-friendly appliance

Rinnai RL94eN Tankless Water Heater is one of the very environment friendly heaters; it conforms too many high standard certification-

  • It conforms to Ultra Low NOx burner that is in other words denotes that this heater has a minimum emission of nitrogen oxides from gas-fired fan-type residential furnaces. When gas fired furnaces used for comfort heating of home or commercial uses, meet this standard you can be highly assured of its air safety issues.
  • Energystar compliant-Meeting Energystar compliance is very difficult. When a gas heater gives Low air pollution, high energy consumption to output production ratio than it gets this premier tag. Rinnai RL94eN Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater has however bagged it for its low nitrogen emission and high electricity production capacity.

Saves water

It has a recirculation pump to let the water come to faucet without 5-10 second wait. It saves you from wasting that much water at beginning.


  • Works great with high flow rate showerheads as oppose to energy saver showerheads.
  • Enhanced scale detection technology eliminates possibility of serious, long-term damage to unit.
  • This unit comes with MC-195T remote controller
  • It comes with isolator valves
  • 83% energy efficient



It weighs 46 pounds. Which is 5-7 times more than many tankless water heaters.

Solution- It is true many tanksless water heaters are 7-12 pound but you have to compare the features those offer with Rinnai RL94eN.This heater has a recirculation pump inside concomitant of two heat exchangers for it is a condensing water heater. So it has additional devices like integrated pump, internal bypass line and thermal bypass valve. All these valves and pumps are the reason behind its heavy weigh. Good news is it is an outdoor unit so you need not to worry about the accidental issues as it will be wall mounted in an outdoor deck with proper shield and counter.


Cannot be installed indoor, it is for outdoors only.

Solution- You may like to have this information that-Rinnai rl94en is outdoor whereas if you are looking for same capacity indoor unit all you can choose Rinnai rl94i. Also there are two other option-One, you can spend money on double vent pipes and attach them to the exhaust unit if installed indoor. Second, You can make a hole on ceiling and let a pvc pipe attached or directly vent it out through the ceiling hole and thus save the cost of venting pipes.

Frequently Ask Questions (Q&A)

  • Q-What warranty features it has to offer?
  • Ans-Warranty for a large invested equipment is a no negotiable thing for many users, Rinni offers a limited 12-year warranty on heat exchanger, 5-year warranty on parts and 1-year warranty on labor (for residential).If used for commercial purpose all other warranty are same except a reduced 5 year warranty on heat exchanger.
  • Q-If I buy it from a local store will the warranty be void?
  • Ans-Rinnai ask you to buy it from authorized dealer, you can choose Amazon too as there are discount on shipping. Even if you buy it from local vendor you can call up them and be sure if it voids contract.


Rinnai RL94eN Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater is a series of Rinnai prestigious water heaters. It let you use 4-5 showers at a time at any temperature. So in whichever part of USA you live this Japan made state of art technology will definitely serve your need of high demand. In case you need a water heater for 3 to 4 bath room where occasionally 3 showers and 2 faucets need to work simultaneously you can go this highly energy efficient unit.

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