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As tankless water heater is getting popular nowadays, Rinnai V65IN 6.6 GPM indoor tankless water heater can be your suitable choice. Such natural gas water heater is good as demand-type or instantaneous hot water provider.

Headquarter of Rinnai is in Japan, and it has a network of 20 subsidiaries and 86 sales offices in 13 countries. This global leader has almost 100 years of experiences as a water heater manufacturer. With after success and recognition of Rinnai proved the quality of its products. High efficiency made such Indoor Low NOx Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater a perfect choice for mid-size households. The trendy look made it smart. This series of water heater is the perfect combination of comfort and value.

Rinnai V65IN 6.6 GPM Indoor Low NOx Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater

What are the interesting features of the Rinnai V65IN 6.6 GPM Tankless Water Heater?

Considering as world’s largest gas appliances manufacturer, Rinnai designed unique product features. They can be as follows:

Maximum BTU:

Max BTU's 150,000 and Min. BTU input is 10,300. The higher the BTU input and efficiency, the faster the performance.

Maximum Energy:

Maximum uniform Energy Factor is 0.82 for Natural Gas and Propane.


As state of the art design, it is suitable to place into the smart homes.

NOx standard:

The low NOx gas water heater meets California and Texas NOx Emissions Standards. Thus, it is nonhazardous.

Energy Star:

ENERGY STAR® Qualification made this indoor gas heater unique.


Powerful scale recognition reduces the possibility of serious, long-term damage to the unit.

Error code:

This water heater has integrated Error Code Indicator.

Temp. Lock:

Temperature lock prohibits accidental or unauthorized changes to water temperature. It is very important for gas appliances.

Easy installation:

Rinnai V65IN installation is very simple with indoor installations. Just need to follow V65IN installation manual.

What do the reviews of the Rinnai V65IN say?

When making any important and heavy ticket sized purchase, we do your product research and rely on others reviews. With overall 4.5 out of 5 stars, we could find that the reviewers of Rinnai are the end userd of the products. Being satisfied 82% of the total reviewers gave straight five stars. Thus, we can assume that this V65IN plays a great role in solving hot water related issues.

Fom reviewss it came out that it is okey for a single shower and a washing machine. But even four years later we got the same positive review from a reviewer. The end users found that this NG water heater starts worming up within 40 seconds. Thus, it has a quick heat process.

V65IN reviews will also meet your expectations on the cost of the water heater as your affordablity will match with its best price. Though is it expensive than the traditional water tank, the electricity bill will also cut off as the fuel by which it runs is natural gas.

The users have also loved the smart and trendy looks of the gas heater as it can easily move into smart home space. Its compact design and space savings create extra attactiveness to its buyers. People are now replacing huge water tanks with auch Indoor Low NOx Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater,    

Easy installation process motivated its buyes to go for the tankless gas water heater. People found it not too hard of a job to fix it as they can install it themselves within a few hours.

More good reviews came out for its endless and flawless on demand hot water for multi purpose i.g. Bathrooms, kitchen washing machine, etc.  

The Rinnai warranties made the customers more pleased. They get special care for any troubleshooting they encounter from various representatives.

From the review, it also came out that the availability of parts is also helped V65IN model made the consumers being overwhelmed. Such accessories are compatible with tons of Rinnai’s full line of digital controllers. Another review admits lower the electricity bill by $38.00 with satisfactory feedback.

Despite only two critical reviews, the overall experience is positive.

V65IN specifications

The distinctive specifications of this natural gas water heater are as follows:

Specs. In General

Manufacturer Model No. – U.S.


Fuel Source

Natural gas

Installation Type

Indoor Only

Recirculation Capable


Product Line

High Efficiency (HE)

Product Sub-line


Weight (lbs/kg)

45.6 / 20.7

Combustion Type


Vent Type

Direct Vent

Storage Type


Mount Type


Gas Conversion Kit

Not Available

Included components



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Rinnai V65IN installation

From the product features and customer reviews, we can observe that the Rinnai installation process is very easy. The installation and operational manual are already in every pack of this water heater. Clear instructions are given there with do and don’ts, clear steps, and diagrams & charts.

It is always advisable to install the whole process with a licensed professional to make the best use to warranty. The warranty can be void due to improper installation.

You will need to follow the guided instructions. With the use of recommended vent kits, which comes with the model, one who is very handy with his hands can quickly mount the model on the designated area.

Hence, you shouldn’t bother that much for installation of Rinnai value series.


  • Flawless hot water: Rinnai ensures uninterrupted constant, adjustable hot water supply up to 4 different fixtures.
  • Ultra compact design: Compact wall unit, able to be installed anywhere in the home. You can easily reover the lost space as you can instantly align this water heater with your others home fittings. Rinnai tankless water heaters are perfect for any home design.
  • Energy-efficient: Being tankless this V65IN gas water heater doesnot needto keep a large amount of water hot for all the times. It saves energy. Besides, natural gas is both cheaper and much faster at heating.
  • Leak Detector: Its automatic water leak detection shut-down its operations. The anti-frost also protection made it perfect.
  • Mobile Homes: This gas water heater has approval for use in manufactured and mobile homes with the expansion of maximum benefits of usage.
  • Environmental friendly: Like other Rinnai product, this V65IN model is environment friendly. Its advance concentric vent system helps to make the indoor air cleaner.


Periodic Clean and Flush: This water heater will need periodic cleanliness and also flushing of hard water homes.

Big Family: This V65IN model is not suitable for a large family household with high hot water requirements.

Adjustment issue and electricity: This water heater cannot adjust faucet temperatures with the central temperature control unit. Moreover, if the electricity goes out, the Rinnai will be unable to heat.

Costly: It can be a costly investment compared to the traditional one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this water heater offer any warranty?

Ans: Yes. Rinnai’s value series water heater offers three types of warranties such as:

  • Heat Exchanger Warranty – Limited ten years
  • Parts warranty – 5 years
  • Labor warranty – 1 year

What is the major component that I need to install it?

Ans: In addition to the Rinnai unit, you will need to have a termination vent kit and an isolation valve kit as a major component. You can find those in Rinnai dealers.

As an indoor appliance, is it quiet?

Ans: Yes. You should hear a click when it ignites. Otherwise, there should be silence.

Can the venting be stainless or PVC?

Ans: Expert says that for particular this unit PVC would not be an option.

Can this unit be converted to use LP gas for any requirement?

Ans: No. it only uses Natural Gas as fuel.

Does this require 110 or 220 volt electricity?

Ans: This model requires 120 VAC.

What is GPM?

Ans: It means Gallons per Minutes.

Can I use this heated water to wash clothes?

Ans: Yes, you can use this gas water heater to wash your clothes along with showering and dish-washing.

Video: How a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater Works

What is the best price for the Rinnai V65IN and where can I buy it?

As we know that Rinnai is a very trusted gas appliances manufacturing company, it ensures the best price for you. Nowadays you can buy this product from many retailers’ shops and also through online – from mega e-commerce shops like Amazon. Amazon can give you the best worth of money.

Thus, be sure that you beat the best price of the market by clicking HERE

Verdict: is this gas tankless water heater made for you?

It is an opportunity for us if we have such well-designed, eco-friendly and comparatively cheap hot water solution with us. On quality and accessories availability Rinnai V65IN 6.6 GPM Indoor Low NOx Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater won’t disappoint you.
Besides the best uses of your money, by using such environment friendly devices, you will contribute to the society – will give you peace of mind.

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