Watts Dormont Gas Connector Review – 41-4142KIT-36B UltraFlo High BTU

Natural gas accidents are rare but they can be really catastrophic. Gas leak are a major reason behind these accidents. These can cause damage either through an explosion or through breathing in the gas for some period of time. Even a very small explosion may cause greatest sever consequence.

What is the solution for natural gas accident?

Every house in America has to bear with gas fired equipment's. A major part of gas leak occurs due to leak and defective parts they are called grade 2 and grade 3 leaks. One way to prevent them is to be extra cautions about your gas fired gadgets and sufficiently maintained equipment's. Watts Dormont 41-4142KIT-36B UltraFlo High BTU Gas Connector is such a gadget that will guarantee you a safe gas passage for a very long time. You can use it with tankless water heaters, furnaces, boilers, commercial water heaters. Also if you have them they come in handy for gas meters, gas packs/rooftop HVAC units. It is your choice how many of them you may buy for different purposes but I recommend one for your tankless unit in case it does not come with a connector as good as Watts dormont 41-4142KIT-36B UltraFlo High BTU Gas Connector.

Watts Dormont Gas Connector Review – 41-4142KIT-36B UltraFlo High BTU

Features of 41-4142KIT-36B UltraFlo High BTU Gas Connector

Antimicrobial surface: Antimicrobial surface contains an antimicrobial agent that holds back the ability of microorganisms to grow, in hospitals they are being widely used to sterilize equipment's. In dormont 41-4142KIT-36B UltraFlo High BTU Gas Connector Antimicrobial surface guarantees the surface will be kept clean. It creates an environment that makes it unlikely for microorganisms to breed. So if you are using it in outdoor your connector will not catch any bacteria or fungus due to unclean weather or lack of cleansing. Also it accommodates self air cleaning and water purification. Both the features will guarantee better water quality for long term and longevity of the connector.

Hot dip coating: Hot dip coating provides many functions like it adds superior corrosion protection. It gives a softer outward that increases grip. Sometime it adds visual aesthetics and protection to metal. It protect against heat, cold, stress, electrical currents etc and reduces chance of accident. The coated softer grip makes it easier to hold and use the connector; also enhances its life cycle and longer life.

Brass adapters: It has durable adapters made of brass. Brass as a metal provides most aptness in circulation of household hot water .Lastly but most importantly brass gives highest corrosion resistance.

100 percent leak tested: All dormant connectors are 100 % leak tested. So you are free of the fear of leaks, despite that if a faulty one appears at your hand you can ask for a replacement.


  • It has 304 stainless steel constructions
  • Has a smart, flexible no-neck design
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Bear with up to 1.5 million BTU (natural gas)
  • Adaptable to carry out 2.4 million (propane)
  • Commercial gas connector

Cons with solution

It is not flexible enough

Solution- You can use it for connecting your tank less unit to the gas chamber usually this purpose needs not much flexibility. It is known for its flexibility apart from tank less unit it also serve purpose of a water hose for washing car etc and most review gave it 5 start. Still if you are looking for more flexibility brass (usually gives highest flexibility among durable alloys) made connector is not for the purpose use some other alloy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How long is the warranty?
Ans- It has a warranty period of one year from the date of original shipment, in case there was a by default error they change it without any charge.

Q - Can I use it at 410,000BTU natural gas
Ans- Yes


41-4142KIT-36B UltraFlo High BTU Gas Connector is a durable connector that is suitable to indoor or at outdoor for 5- 10 years at a stretch. The dip coat will allow for easy grip, heat and current resistance. Brass will offer flexibility and anti corrosion effect. Dormont gas connector installation instructions are given with the product. High volume BTU will easily pass through it and you will not have to worry about leak or accidents. So if your tankless unit needs a longer connector like this one of 36 inch and the heater does not bring one for you, or you are an austere and user and looking for a better option than this is for you.

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