Tankless Water Heater Valve Set Review – Watts 3/4 LFTWH-UT-HC-RV

A functional heater performs heating water job with no discharging of water, but due to excess system pressure or thermal expansion or too much temperature setting in heater, sometimes water may discharge from the pump. A valve set that helps water lines to isolate, help drain and provide as a temperature pressure valve is a mandatory accessory in this type of occasion.

Watts 3/4 LFTWH-UT-HC-RV Tankless Water Heater Valve Set is a ready to use valve set with heaters and is valued as a good solution for such objective. This valve set has a lead free copper alloy that ensures no health hazard. The valve set isolates water heater from water lines. It will let the water heater to purge easily, drain conveniently and accommodate the purpose of a pressure release valve. Like many other pressure relief valve this valve set can relieve pressure at 150 psig on a temperature of 210°F.

tankless water heater valve set


Complying with state codes

Watts 3/4 LFTWH-UT-HC-RV Tankless Water Heater Valve Set has a technology that complies with ASME, ANSI and CSA (AGA) standards and assures its feasibility in usage for water heaters used for homes.

Usable for any type of heating system

It is a valve set usable in both gas and electric systems that means whether it is an electric heater or a gas fired heater, in both cases the valve set will go with it.

Color coded ball

It has red colored ball for hot and blue colored ball for cold water indication. A simple requisite for such valves but serves great purpose.

Lead free copper alloy body

Watts is austere in using no lead in their valve. According to them the valve will be exposed to water therefore it should not be made of anything that makes the water unsafe. Lead has been proved dangerously toxic for health so lead is avoided in its building. Also it is made of copper a durable alloy which also facilitates tightness of pressure. Copper is comparatively cheap too so you need not to pay extra for a superior product.

Helps maintenance

This valve set will help owner of a tankless water heater to have water flush easily. When conventional valve may require difficult set ups this one will help on getting the flush in a minute. You need to clean this occasionally otherwise sediments may pile up.


  • Replaces a water filter
  • Easily wash the sediment
  • Easy installation

Cons with solution

It can cause scalding anyway-Some could not avoid getting scalded despite such valve are suppose to release the pressure and put on some sort of control on water flow.


Some precautions are must to be followed in the installation process, like it must be tripped every year at least one time. This will clean the water ways and dripping of water easy. If you are using it for operating control than it is not designed for that this may also reduce its efficiency so use it only as emergency safety relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-What is the warranty on this
Ans- One year warranty

Q-What is the dimension?
Ans- It has 13.1 x 7.8 x 3.5 inches dimension, 5.2 pound and it is made in China.


If you are into installing a heater or water fixture you know the value of a good valve set. Watts 3/4 LFTWH-UT-HC-RV Tankless Water Heater Valve kit is a durable easy to install valve set but if you really need it that is up to you. If your heater is repeatedly spreading water and you are having a hard time to give it a flush than these valve set may come in handy.

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